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“The promise of the Switchblade is a quantum leap in personal transportation, effectively transforming the mundane experience of A to B travel into the magical freedom of flight. As a professional pilot for over 20 years, I’ve dreamed of turning my passion for flying into a daily experience. The Switchblade means trading hours lost in traffic for moments of joy flying through the sky.”

  • Bryant Boon, Actor and Airline Pilot

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artist rendering of the samson sky switchblade car driving along a mountain road.
two people on the florida avaition new chatting
ceo of samson sky's switchblade standing next to prototype

“We live in a generation of disruptive innovation – it’s in almost every part of our lives. The Samson Switchblade will be to General Aviation what the iPhone was to telecommunications.”

Jerry & Connie Clark

“Sam Bousfield is doing a fantastic job of keeping all of us informed of the progress and of course of making progress towards the first flight. The Switchblade will be my vehicle of choice and my flight into retirement so my wife and I can continue exploring this great country of ours, and even beyond!”

Dana Beebe

“For me the Switchblade will be a Freedom Machine. I have been following flying cars for years, and in fact the potential for a flying car is what made me want to be a pilot in the first place. I like to travel, and the Switchblade will make ‘Air Touring’ a practical and exciting thing…

Parker May

“As an entrepreneur who has built companies both from sweat equity and using venture capital, I know firsthand the pros and cons of the Samson Sky approach. I understand that when you’re building a business organically, investing your own time and money first – as Sam and Martha Bousfield are doing, you’ll do what it…

Peter Dessart

“I have always been interested in the future, and not in the past. I am especially fascinated by both sci-fi and anything having to do aviation. I know the vehicle we’ve dreamed of for so long is coming soon.  I am looking forward to more updates on the expected first test flight, and anxiously await…

Zsolt Jozsef