The future begins tomorrow, and that future is what we create


Samson Sky's Mission

With technical resources world-wide, Samson Sky is poised to advance a series of new technology breakthroughs. Current activities focus on transportation, including aviation technology. Through our ongoing efforts, we are developing more useful, efficient, and less costly alternatives to modern transportation.

By cost effective management of resources, we are advancing at a rapid rate with minimal outside investment. Our consulting team includes many of the leading scientists and engineers in their respective fields. Outstanding results have garnered international attention, including publication and coverage in Smithsonian, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, Discovery Channel Canada, BBC Radio, Robb Report, Autoweek and many others.

The future begins tomorrow, and that future is what we create. This is true for an individual, a business, and a society. With the continued expansion of modern lifestyles around the globe, we must include a reduction of environmental footprint to maintain or increase the quality of life. By increasing the use of point-to-point transportation, we can accomplish an increase in transportation speed, a reduction in required infrastructure, a lessening of time in transit, and a reduction in fuel consumption compared to existing transportation models. Samson Sky is positioned to become the leader in the point-to-point transportation market, which we feel will become the status quo in 21st century travel.

Our goal is to become a leader in the expanding Flying Car market. Given the current and foreseeable economic situation, our emphasis on smaller, lighter, greener and more affordable vehicles is a winning approach.


Sam Bousfield, Founder and Inventor

A fourth generation native of Nevada City, California, Mr. Bousfield earned a Bachelor of Science with Dean’s Honors from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 1979. Post-graduate studies included marketing and business management.

Due to an interest in aviation, Mr. Bousfield became involved with a core group of Boeing engineers who utilized his conceptual ideas to advance aeronautical research. This relationship developed into several international scientific papers presented to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the Swedish government utilized one of the resultant designs to recalibrate their wind tunnel.

His interest in helping others led Mr. Bousfield to become a proud supporter and volunteer in a number of community programs including Boy Scouts of America and The Way To Happiness Foundation. A Boy Scout leader for ten years, Mr. Bousfield enjoyed sharing his love of the outdoors while assisting young men to develop their leadership skills.

Sam Bousfield loves what he does, and spends most of his waking hours working on concepts that can forward the company, push the boundaries of technology, and help people live richer lives while reducing our overall impact on the planet.