Put Your Wings On

Here is the Reservation Form for your use in reserving a Samson Sky Switchblade®. If you would like more information about our vehicle before reserving, please see the Specifications Page, Events & Updates, and FAQ.

For specific sales questions not addressed in the terms below, please contact us directly at
[email protected] or call (855) 772-6766.


To reserve your Switchblade, there is no fee due at this time, only this completed form expressing your intention to purchase a Switchblade Kit. Upon receipt of this Reservation Form, you shall be notified by Samson and be provided your Switchblade Reservation Number. Reservations are not transferable.

To keep your position on the Reservation List, there will be a Deposit of $2,000 USD due within 45 days of our public announcement of the Switchblade First Flight. When First Flight occurs, you will be notified by Samson via email. Your deposit is refundable, less $500. At any time and for any reason, up to the date Samson starts actual production of Switchblades, you may request and be refunded $1,500 from your Deposit.

When Samson begins production, notice shall be given to the Depositors that their funds will turn hard 30 days after we start production, and after that time the funds shall be considered non-refundable.

90 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival at the Samson Builder Assist Center, 50% of the balance of the purchase shall be due. 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, the final balance shall be due.