Switchblade® Builder Assist Program


Saving You Time

Switchblade Kits now include the Samson Builder Assist Program, a value of $20,000, where all Switchblade buyers will build their portion of their Switchblade in the Builder Assist Center, using a simple to learn manufacturing process that is mostly automated, and computer driven.

Most builder assist programs do save time, but not like ours! Samson has taken Builder Assist to a whole new level, while still maintaining the intent and direction of the Experimental Category 51% rule. Instead of needing to spend 3-6 weeks building and assembling your vehicle, the Samson program allows purchasers to spend one week using automated building processes and simplified tasks to complete their portion of the vehicle construction process.


Saving You Money

Many homebuilders chose to hire professional assistance in order to get their aircraft built. While very helpful, this adds many tens of thousands of dollars to the build. In the Samson Builder Assist Center, all your work will be documented so that you can easily show compliance with the FAA’s 51% requirement. You can stay completely within the rules, paying the least amount of money possible to gain a Switchblade of your own!


Keeping It Simple

You basically learn one skill and use that throughout the process to complete your portion of the work. Instead of learning eleven or twelve different skills and feeling the pressure of maintaining a build pace on an assembly line, you use skills you already have to do the same thing repeatedly, but at your pace. At each step, you will receive critical information to ensure you understand what is being accomplished and how that fits into the big picture of a completed Switchblade.


Maintenance Course

We believe that having an understanding of the systems of your Switchblade, how they work and what to check or watch for, will make you a safer pilot and a better driver. With this in mind, we will offer a Switchblade Maintenance Course, so you can learn how to maintain and care for your vehicle – something that most builders never get, even if they build their vehicle from scratch! This course will be competency based, requiring you to practice each skill you learn until you can confidently perform it. Each customer will advance at his own pace.