Meet the Owners & Reservation Holders

Owning a Switchblade® and being part of the Samson Sky team is your entrance to the future of transportation. This is where individuals and families achieve freedom of mobility – the ability to go anywhere, anytime, with more convenience, speed, efficiency and flexibility than existing transportation models provide.


Remarks From Ambassadors

Samson Sky is positioned to become the leader in the point-to-point transportation market, which will soon become the status quo in 21st century travel. We are proud to share what some of our Switchblade Ambassadors have to say about helping bring this practical flying car into reality.

As Reservations top 2,300 – the Switchblade is arguably the most popular flying car in history. Our future owners hail from 57 countries, and include people from all 50 States in the U.S.

Switchblade Interactive World Map

Switchblade Owner Stories

Hear from some of the fine people who have fully paid for their flying sports car, to secure an early delivery position and help make the Switchblade a reality.