Bill Cesan

Pilot, Electrical Contractor, Motorcycle Enthusiast

The Switchblade really ​is the solution. And I figure this will be one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

I decided to come on board with my hard money down and get an early delivery position for the world’s first flying sports car. Some might say I should have been be more cautious. After all, a few years ago I reserved an Aptera – the first hybrid electric car. Jay Leno got one…but I never did. I’m okay with it now though.

I knew I wanted to eventually be flying something I could call my own, yet was unable to afford $600k+ for a new plane, with additional monthly hangar costs and other inconveniences of transportation. The Samson Sky Switchblade is a no brainer investment. The aviation industry is poised to explode with renewed purpose. Flying automation has continued to improve for aviators, and road traffic conditions continue pushing us to find solutions. The Switchblade really​is the solution. And I figure this will be one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

The flying I have done so far has been VFR (Visual Flight Rules), but I want to expand my horizons and go for a rating that will enable me to fly in clouds or fog, where visibility is poor. I have also daydreamed of what being a flight instructor would be like. I already have some experience as a​driving instructor. I taught my wife, who lived most of her life in China, to drive in America – and we both survived.

After a project planning meeting at an airport in L.A. where my company was running power, I met Switchblade Ambassador, Barry Jay. He started explaining to me the concept of MMVs – Multi-Mode Vehicles. Flying wherever I want, quickly converting back to car mode, and driving to my final destination is many things to me. Being able to park in your garage adds to the “Future is Now” feeling (and it’s much less expensive). Barry talked with great conviction. I went into dreamland.

Of course… the future is here. This vehicle solves so many problems. Saves so many $$ and time by being one vehicle to take me to my destinations. It’s able to fly, avoiding city traffic and driving speed restrictions (who wants road traffic). So, I investigated further. The Switchblade is awesome looking. Sleek, stylish. Something out of Italy… I mean Oregon? Yep. Another plus. Complies with my belief in buying American whenever I can.

The Samson Sky team is intelligent, honest, focused and forward thinking. All-important ingredients to success. I’m so excited to have invested early.

I started choosing what color or maybe a wrap of some uniqueness for my Flying Sports Car. Chrome? My wife likes what I call ‘Communist Red’. It’s actually the same as Yamaha Red on my FJR motorcycle. We will see.

Thanks Samson Sky Team!

Bill Cesan – California, USA