March 2, 2023

On many wings, especially on aircraft with the capacity to land and take off slowly, vortex generators are installed along the leading edge (front edge) of the wing. A vortex generator (VG) looks like a small tab or shark fin shape that is attached in a row along the wing surface, like you see in the image below. As the air flows over the top surface of the wing, at some point it detaches or separates from smoothly flowing along the wing surface. The VG’s trip that airflow and in swirling it, give it more energy which helps the air stick to the surface longer before it might detach. Since we saw in video that we were getting detached flow on our flaps, the VG’s were introduced to see if that will help improve the performance.
You can also see the tufting on the main wing and the flap, which we’ve had there for some time now, to analyze airflow at different speeds and flap settings.

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