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May 17, 2017

It took quite a bit to get the leading arm suspension ready for drop testing, but it is now mounted on the drop test tower, and wired with sensors. The leading arm front suspension went through several iterations to get the steering and shock absorber to be happy in their locations. We have quite a range of motion of both the steering and shock – for instance, the steering goes 43 degrees left and 43 degrees right of center so that our vehicle has a reasonable turning radius with it’s long wheel base (distance from front wheel to rear wheel). The image directly below show Keith Clark (left) and Eric Healey (right) hooking up sensors, the middle image shows Sam Bousfield modifying the tower for our use, and the lower image shows the leading arm mounted within the drop test tower.



Many thanks to Risse Racing for allowing our use of their drop test tower. We found another small but nice surprise from Risse Racing when we picked up our rear shock absorbers from them, and found that they had laser etched our logo onto the shocks! How nice is that! You can check out Risse’s custom electric and pedal bikes on their web site: https://www.risseracing.com/



We received a sample of what we would like to use as an electric parking brake. Many cars are going this route, and we see it as a way to give drivers a similar function to Park in an automatic transmission. Our current Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) does not have a Park setting, so this may give us that in addition to an emergency/parking brake. The unit is from eStopp, and looks very high quality. You can learn more about the function of this unit at: https://www.estopp.com/faq      We will be testing that soon!



This is just a short one, and there is lots happening right now, so check back in a couple of days for more, including the engine on the dyno getting the computer programmed for the new supercharger.

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