Update – March 26, 2020

March 26, 2020


We were chasing leaks in the Switchblade’s turbo system, as we should have been getting much higher boost from the turbo. We discovered a leak in the intercooler and found that there was exhaust pressure leaking from the flex couplers we installed in the exhaust system between engine and turbo. To remedy this, we replaced the two existing flex couplers with this new design of coupler (shown here). These new ones are made specifically for fixing that problem. Now no leaks! And they look better. 

Boost went from 8 psi up to 19 psi, which is actually a bit too much. We are dialing in the wastegate for the turbo now, which relieves the intake system from the turbo providing too much boost. Once the new intercooler arrives on Monday, that system should be fully dialed in.

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