Update June 26, 2018

June 26, 2018


WINDOW TO THE WORLD – June 26, 2018

We got more help from the pros at Aircraft Windshield Company in Southern California. We love those folks! We needed a new set of larger side windows, as we had found from our views out of the flying prototype body that the side view was a bit restricted. By trimming back some unnecessary door structure, we were able to enlarge the side view and needed the larger windows as a result. ProCurve Glass is making the front windshield, and will make the tempered glass side windows as well, but for the prototype, we wanted to make sure of the fit before we went to the expense of costly glass molds.

As you see in the image above, Office Manager Lindsey Wehr was recruited to demonstrate how the new windows will look once installed in the prototype doors. The side windows will be connected to the automatic window operators, and run up and down until we are satisfied that the result will be a useful side window. Aircraft windows don’t usually open fully, and most have just a small little section that can be opened to give a verbal warning when you start the propeller going. Automotive windows, however, open fully so you can handle the Starbucks drive-through. Or let in some fresh air driving down a country lane.

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