Update – July 4, 2018

July 4, 2018


A ray of sun came streaming through the hangar door just as these three teammates made a final decision on where to locate the wiring package for the tail actuator.

Sam Bousfield, Switchblade Designer (left) heard recommendations for the placement from Electrical Engineering Consultant Ryan Dillon (center) and Samson Mechanical Engineer David Nobles (right). Space is at a premium, but they found an excellent location for the wiring package.

ANOTHER V FOR VICTORY! – July 4, 2018 

This photo shows the top down view of one of our large rear carbon fiber parts, being made in a mold at Composites Universal Group in Portland, Oregon. The engine bay will be contained within this V shaped part and it is located directly behind the rear wall of the cabin, just in front of where the propeller is located. 

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