Update – July 3, 2018

July 3, 2018

CONTROL WHEEL – July 3, 2018

Just because you haven’t heard us screaming by in the Ground Test Vehicle (GTV), doesn’t mean we have forgotten about ground testing of engine and transmission. We have the AirVenture program going full tilt, and have rather limited resources right now to finish the GTV and get it on the track. It is being worked on, however, and we do expect to hear engine music soon. When we do, we will be posting videos on YouTube that you can access from our web site. The most recent addition was the steering wheel (this one from a Mercedes, shown in image above) with paddle shifters to simulate the Switchblade control wheel. Ours will have a few more goodies on it, as it has to function as a steering wheel on the ground, and a control wheel in the air.

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