Update – January 23, 2019

January 23, 2019

FANS ARE IMPORTANT – January 23, 2019

Small things can make a difference, and in this case the small fans shown in the image above will make the Switchblade radiators function better. You probably are aware that fans are used in cars and motorcycles to increase airflow through a radiator when in stop and go traffic, or when the temperatures of the engine get higher than desired.

Radiator design is sometimes best done in the real world, by trial and error. That is the approach we are taking, although we have done some comparison with other successful radiators, including that of the P51 Mustang aircraft. The Switchblade is a completely different kind of vehicle, so there are a few things yet to find out regarding what the ideal radiator set-up might be. We will be testing this in the worst-case condition, which is stop and go traffic with a hot engine.

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