SWITCHBLADE UPDATE: 5 November, 2015

November 6, 2015

Next step on wing closeout was the fitting and bonding in of the wing root rib. The shot above is from the wing tip side looking down at the root area of the wing (next to the body), with the carbon rib shown in front of the metal wing hinge beam.

We also bonded in a carbon cup that stiffens the wing skin at the root section. The images above and below show the bonding process for this piece, which has to bond to three surfaces: bottom skin, top skin, and root wing rib.

Now that all is in place, bolted an bonded as a unit, the wing hinge beam is kept in a precise location by the wing fixture while the adhesive cures.

After the adhesive is cured, we took the wing out of the fixture, and set the top skin on to check clearance, and to see what it will look like when done. The image below shows what a completed wing will look like.

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