SWITCHBLADE UPDATE: 15 November, 2015

November 16, 2015

We finally were able to finish bonding up the flap completely, now that the middle hinge was confirmed as to location and mounted. It didn’t take long to mix up the Hysol two-part adhesive, and spread the adhesive on all bonding surfaces (above).

The next step was to place the top skin over the rest of the flap, and trim the excess adhesive once in place. Ron Burch is shown in this process in the image above.

When the skin was placed and excess adhesive trimmed, Ron placed small weighted bags over the skin to ensure tight fit to the structure below. Above you can see how this looked once done.

We now have a completed flap, ready for installation onto the main wing. We will test it’s fit once before we close out the main wing top skin and have a completed main wing. Check back in a few days for the next update!

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