Switchblade Progress Report, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

We are finishing our front suspension, and about to mount it to the front of the ‘test mule’ this week. Shown in the attached pictures is a wireframe of the nose that was done to ensure we keep within the fuselage on our construction and assembly. The second image is the front forks and wheel/tire set up as it will be. We are not showing the assembly that raises and lowers the nose for take-off, as that is proprietary at the moment.

Concurrent with the construction of the ground test mule, we have the structural engineering being done to ready the wings for carbon fiber mold-making. Bill Husa of Orion Technologies has been doing a great job translating DAR’s work into a wing we can construct. The guys at Composite Creations in Prineville, Oregon, are anxiously awaiting the first of the molds so they can get going on wing construction. We also have done preliminary design of the panel, and will have a panel design out shortly. I think you will like it! Here are some shots of the wing at aileron (friese type) and at flap (slotted).


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