June 18, 2018

April 14, 2018
Samson Sky Hosts Flying Car Forum At Sun N’ Fun 2018

Samson Sky hosted a flying car forum at the 2018 Sun n’ Fun airshow on Friday. The forum discussed the state of the flying car industry and allowed Sun n’ Fun visitors to chart with the Samson Sky team to learn more about the flying car industry and the progression of flying cars.

The manufacturer is holding 615 reservations for the Switchblade kit-built flying car. Reportedly, the Switchblade has the same power-to-weight ratio as the Corvette. The Switchblade reservation list includes persons from 15 different countries, and the estimated cost of a VFR Switchblade kit is $140,000.

Why it’s important: Samson Sky is entering the flying car industry with a bang at Sun n’ Fun, and most notably is making one of the first entries to the kit-built flying car industry to date – currently there are almost no other companies that are producing kits for flying cars that are available.

Originally published on TransportUp – The Latest News for Flying Cars 14 April 2018


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