Flying Car = Ultimate Business Game Changer

January 4, 2016

Business is an interesting game.  It’s sort of like sports.  There are teams who compete and the winner gets the prize.

Sometimes, the business world looks like a pretty tough neighborhood.  What used to be your bean patch (territory) is being chiseled away by others.  One thing that can contribute to this is, not surprisingly, change itself. Modern advances in technology and industry are being made at an increasingly rapid rate.  A phrase which has become commonplace is, “Disrupt, or be disrupted.”  It means that if you try to stay with what worked in the past, others will grab your market share and your business will become obsolete.

While many of the technological advances are in electronics, communication and new materials and processes, there is one game-changer that spans all of this.

The Switchblade or other similar flying car, incorporates the latest electronic instruments, cutting edge aerospace materials, new methods of manufacturing, and is the next best thing to teleportation.

So why is something like the Switchblade the ultimate game changer?  Is it because it increases the speed of travel for your executives and sales team?  Is it the attention that it would attract to your business?  Is it the “cool factor” that gives bragging rights to your staff? (“My company has a flying car!”)  How about the positioning it gives you as a cutting edge and successful company – someone who’s leading the pack?  How about all of the above?

Future articles in this blog will deal with the above concepts and many more.  The basic that you should take away from today’s post is summed up by a Forbes article which stated that businesses who used aircraft outperformed non-users in a variety of ways.

May your business grow wings and fly!

-Sam Bousfield

Switchblade, Samson Sky, Skybrid, and Skybrid Technology are trademarks or registered marks, and are used with permission on these pages.

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