What to do with a Flying Car?

December 17, 2015

So here we are.  We now have a flying car that truly frees you for local, in-state and out-of-state travel. Your vehicle is sitting in your garage awaiting adventure.  You know that you can’t use local or federal highways for takeoffs and landings, so where do you go?

Finding a list of airports that fit with your flying car’s capability (runway length, surface material, and location) is first on the list of things to do. So how does one find airports that are usable by your flying car?  There are national, regional, local, basic, and rural airports.  The total number of usable takeoff and landing points approaches 18,000 so any desired departure or destination is probably within a 20-50 miles or less radius of your home.  This all means saved time to reach your destination and start enjoying your chosen activity.

Southwest Airlines uses the term, “You are free to move about the country”, but there are only 100 or less national and regional locations that they fly in and out of.  If you add all the other air carriers and the need for flight changes and early arrival, your total time to arrive at your destination is often measured in days rather than hours. Your ability to freely move about the country is limited at best.

So now you have a flying car, you have choice of numerous airports and you have a desire to see “it” yourself.  Freedom is now becoming free.  Now you drive from your home to your selected departure airport and fly to your final destination without going through baggage claim, car rental, bus ride to the vehicle, standing in line for your car, then navigating to your destination!  That is freedom!

Learning to use your flying car will become the joy of your life as you plan outings to vistas and activities that you never considered before.  Learning to use the assets the US of A provides will also become one of those joys as you learn geography and history associated with your new destinations.  Plus you will have the advantage of controlling every aspect of your new flying car just like you do with that Mustang in your garage!

To see a list of the closest US airports to your location, click on this link


If you are from outside of the US please share with us a reference where people can find airports in your country.

-Jerry Clark

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