Time Compression in New Mexico

January 4, 2016

Organ Mountains at Sunrise

We live in the southern part of New Mexico.  New Mexico is a large state to explore by car (425 miles long by 400 miles wide).  To any corner of the state it is a full days journey by a fast car.  There are 18 historic ruins and parks managed by the National Park Service, as well as 6 national forests.  To explore all would take a lifetime; yet the flying car has just made each of these historic places available in a one day visiting trip.  The vistas available now from a “skyview” will allow us to target our trips and land within 30 miles of any destination point.  My grandkids will love it!

Time compression is a wonderful thing.  If we can use our time more productively we can learn, work, visit, and enjoy the nature of our environment.

-Jerry Clark

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