Driving on Air

Driving on Air

Samson Switchblade Featured in Automobile Magazine

This is one of the most comprehensive articles on Flying Cars that we’ve ever seen! The Switchblade listed as one of the Top PAV (Personal Air Vehicle) Players, along with 9 others. The complete article, “Driving on Air” was penned by none other than Editor-At-Large and famous car enthusiast Arthur St. Antoine.

On the title page, Antoine states: “For more than a century, inventors, futurists, hucksters, journalists, and even a few blue-chip corporations promised, ‘Flying cars are just around the corner!’ But maybe, this time, they really are.”

Our own captain, Sam Bousfield, is quoted: “The eVTOLS (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicles) have a distinct disadvantage. They lack the infrastructure, the technology, and the regulations – those are three huge hurdles. The point-to-point approach only works if you have a place to land, and right now there aren’t many. Even most downtown helipads aren’t where you want to go. But almost every city has an airport; many have several. and all the regulations for flying an aircraft are already in place.”

The complete article, “Driving on Air: Where the Hell Are the Flying Cars We Were Promised?” is available here, at Automobile.com

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