January 21, 2019


YTN, the ‘CNN’ of Korea, with over 5 million viewers worldwide, featured the Samson Sky Switchblade in their Science Documentary, “Homo Viator (Human Travel) – Future Discovery in Mobility”. In their 4 part Documentary, the Producers wanted to include only one Flying Car – the Switchblade. In addition to the interview with Sam Bousfield, Switchblade designer and Samson Founder & CEO, there is an interview with Reservation Holder Ryan Dillon, who is filmed both on the ground and then flying away in his red airplane, a very rare Wilga tail dragger.

The 6+ minute feature about the Switchblade starts from 13:00 in the video. However, please watch the several minute introduction to the documentary, which includes a number of great video clips of the Switchblade.

The narrator explains in Korean, “People are developing new and superior ways to secure freedom to travel around the world, such as in Prineville, Oregon, USA. Here, a car and plane are combined to create a flying car.” The story tells of the over 800 pre-orders, top speed driving, flying altitude, safety features, specifications, and how the Switchblade was in the spotlight at EAA AirVenture during the summer.

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