What is the value of an executive who can pilot a flying car?

January 25, 2016

A company’s top executives represent one of the largest investments that a company can make.  It’s not just the money, although top executives earn a good wage.  It is their time and expertise which is of the most value.  It is their ability to correctly assess a situation and then give clear direction on how things should be handled.  It can also be the little things, like spending a bit of time with each employee, letting them know they’re important.

A key executive’s worth is often tracked through key statistics for which he is  responsible. This could be sales, cash flow, marketing reach or factory output.  Regardless of which statistic, what would be the outcome if a key executive could travel more easily and more quickly to be able to put their eyeballs on the problem directly in a reasonable amount of time?

What if your key sales executive could visit regional sales points on a weekly basis instead of having a monthly sales conference?  These are the kinds of things that add to an executive’s worth or effectiveness. By being able to fly themselves in a flying car, their expertise becomes magnified greatly. The speed at which correction and training can be done is significantly increased. In addition to the executive, it’s the team he supports, and now supports more quickly and more frequently.

Internet meetings are great but that will never replace an actual pat on the back and a sincere thank you as you shake someone’s hand for a job well done – to really let that person know that going the extra mile means something.  A well-timed visit can act to reverse a decline or accelerate an expansion, almost more than anything else that can possibly be done.

Another point to consider is the example being set by the executive. An executive who appears to be everywhere, all of the time, can light the fire under the staff below him and inspire them to pick up their pace. This has a ripple-down effect. And you never know how much competition (and hustle) might be generated to win the prize of being taken to lunch in the boss’ flying car.  I see awfully motivated employees in your future.

Sam Bousfield

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