November 6, 2022

25 people reserved last week and here’s what lucky #2222 had to say: “…With a Switchblade, we’ll be able to preach rockstar vacationing from the pulpit.”
My wife Alena and I own a vacation club with offices in several different states. We have often joked about purchasing an airplane but the cost of purchase, maintenance and fuel consumption seemed to make the conversation stop before it ever started, especially considering that most of the airplanes that would be in a reasonable budget are older planes. For these reasons purchasing an airplane and or obtaining a pilot’s license just did not make sense.
Being a car and toy aficionado, we have been anxiously awaiting some form of drone or personal aircraft to hit the market that would be affordable, fly affordably and have some sort of range to it -making it practical for use from state to state. When we came across your Switchblade, the combination of convenience, affordable price point entry, fuel efficiency and impressive range (with its long legs) made it appear to be a no-brainer.
As a former master certified auto technician, and considering my love for tinkering with my hands, the concept of putting this thing together downright excites me. I will feel much more comfortable flying at altitude in something I assembled at the Samson Builder Assist Center, with their pros training me on every step. It will also add confidence for me knowing that I know every inch of the vehicle inside and out.
I’m looking forward to getting my pilot’s license and expanding the ways that we can run our business with higher efficiency. With a Switchblade, we’ll be able to preach rockstar vacationing from the pulpit.
We anxiously await news of progress!
— Ray L., South Carolina

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