Using the Switchblade to Help Family and Friends

May 4, 2019

by Marcia Winborne-Graven

As long as I can remember, many family members such as my mother and dad’s brothers and sisters, lived in remote areas in states such as Montana and North Dakota.  As some of those family members grew older, many could not get out and did not have anyone nearby who could help.

My brother was an experienced pilot and could have helped them if they hadn’t been so far from a town or an airport.  Some small towns have at least a landing strip, but most have no rental cars.  If he had a Switchblade, my brother could have flown into those remote areas and provided some help and/or flown those needing medical assistance to a town with a hospital.

Many people have friends and family in cities that perhaps are several hours drive away. It can be challenging to go help out for a day or even a weekend when half your time is taken up traveling. But if you could cut that travel time down to a third of the drive time, traveling in a Flying Car, those visits would be much more feasible.

I’m sure many people can think of family and/or friends they could possibly help if they had a Switchblade.  Sometimes, just being able to visit someone is helpful.  I wish we could have had the Switchblade many years go, but I am very glad we’re going to have it now!

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