The Future of Travel

February 25, 2019

Building My Dream

I have a dream…a dream about the future of travel. This future sees a time when travel is safer, faster and far more convenient. As of this writing (late 2018), we are right on the cusp of autonomous cars and autonomous flying machines. Neither has been perfected yet but both show great promise.

In my dream, I will travel door-to-door in a fraction of the time that it currently takes. I will drive to the nearest local airport, press a button to convert to flying mode, then fly at over 150 mph to the airport nearest my destination. Once there, another button press reconfigures me for the short drive to my final destination. Door-to-door travel time is reduced by over 25% for my 300-mile trip, compared to flying commercially…and I didn’t have to hassle with TSA airport security. Plus, I had the convenience of using my car while at my destination rather than a rental. What will make my dream a reality is the Samson Switchblade (


The Switchblade has unprecedented safety features, whether driving or flying. It’s extremely economical, while being an incredibly cool looking vehicle. In essence, the Switchblade is a personal time machine (I’ve named mine “Tardis”). It’s a time machine because it creates time for me to do things I couldn’t necessarily do before…like conveniently going to see my parents over the weekend. Or, take a weekend trip to see friends just a few hundred miles away. Without my Tardis, these trips won’t be practical.

The Switchblade is not just good looking but is also the safest vehicle I have ever owned…whether driving or flying. In my mind, it’s the nearest thing to a fully autonomous vehicle and that’s a good thing.

Switchblade Designer Sam Bousfield once said that his creation would change transportation as we know it today. I now see that vision. Safer, faster, more convenient travel and at a price point that will amaze you as much as any of its incredible list of features. A flying sports car that creates time…changing transportation as we know it, today and tomorrow!


By Nick Leonard, California USA


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