Update – October 18, 2018

October 18, 2018

GIVE ME A PUSH – October 18, 2018

Our 5-bladed propeller is in a duct at the rear of the vehicle – which is sometimes called a ducted fan. The engine powers the wheels on the ground and the prop in the air.  You can see the prop above.

Our prop and duct were designed by Trek Aerospace in Folsom, California. Trek is well known and respected for their efficient ducted fan designs. This image above shows the prop in place where it will be pushing the vehicle through the air, with all of that noise conveniently behind the passengers, and then being diverted upwards rather than downwards, so even people on the ground should notice how awfully quiet we are as we fly overhead. This carbon fiber propeller was re-designed so that the noise would be reduced by 30%, which we feel will make the Switchblade be a good neighbor to your non-flying friends, while still providing you with amazing performance.

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