Update – November 19, 2018

November 19, 2018


While the wings have been finalized for quite some time, we had not mounted the wings on the new hinge beams to check for proper movement, clearance, wing angles, and such. The wings are mounted on a test stand for the wing swing mechanism, shown folded in the image above.

Sam Bousfield (left) and Dana Beebe used the laser measuring device again to check the wing hinge beam assembly, before mounting this into the Switchblade.  You can see it in the foreground here.

The wings are checked for correct angle of incidence (or the angle of the wing relative to the body), the wing tip height off the ground with wings fully extended, and for any interference of the wing hinge beams as they extend outward or retract. All measurements and checks went fine, well within tolerances for this kind of assembly.

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