Update – November 13, 2020

November 13, 2020

ALMOST TOO MUCH POWER – November 13, 2020

We put the turbo back in the Switchblade, as we had not gotten as much boost out of the supercharger as we needed. With the V4 engine, the turbo was run up with higher and higher boost pressures until today we got to the target of 12 psi @ 6000 rpm.

During the test, as you can see in this short video, Phillip Mikula is leaning in from the co-pilot side, watching gauges and videoing the process. Sean Bliss is at the controls, also monitoring the gauges and running the engine. Sam Bousfield is outside the vehicle watching the engine directly, and at one point spots that we were about to exceed the maximum rpm limit set by the computer, so taps Sean to lower the engine rpm for this test. Yes, it is a cold day!

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