Update – March 14, 2019

March 14, 2019


The other side of the steering connects to the control column, which was installed earlier. The steering wheels will mount to the top left and right side of this T-bar control column. The T-bar will be hidden behind the dashboard, once that is installed.

A pilot will push forward or pull to the rear to make the vehicle pitch up or down in flight. Turning the steering wheel left or right will move the front wheel and the ailerons, while in flight, but only the front wheel in Drive Mode. This is due to the same type of operation as found in the tail with the pushrods connected by blocks. The ailerons in the wings, which bank the aircraft left and right, are connected by pushrods and blocks that connect the pilot side to the wing side. When the wing is swung closed, the two blocks at the connection point are no longer in contact, and anything the driver does to the steering wheel would no longer have an affect on the wing.

In this image above, the steering linkage is connected at the bottom of the control column, and there is a digital angle finder attached with magnets to the control column we use to adjust the linkage so it will work with the full range of motion of the control column.

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