Update – December 9, 2020

December 9, 2020

FANCY COATING – December 9, 2020

We normally have our chromoly steel tubes painted, but in this case we decided to try a ceramic coating called Cerakote, which is thinner and more slippery. These are the suspension A-arms that will be installed on the Switchblade flying prototype, as we have been testing the existing A-arms and new shock absorbers with the FAA drop test procedure (a really brutal series of tests).
With the replacement A-arms, the new coating should help keep the suspension cleaner, as dirt has a hard time sticking to the Cerakote. The 4 parts are set up here so you can see their shapes, not in the position they’ll occupy on the prototype. Kudos to Ceramic Coatings of Redmond, OR for doing such a nice job.

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