Update – December 10, 2018

December 10, 2018

STRONG BODY – December 10, 2018

Father and son Builder Team put final touches on the rear body where the duct for the propeller is located. First image above shows Brent Burch (left) and Ron Burch placing aircraft adhesive on the two surfaces that will be joined. The second image below shows the two mounting the rear duct to the central rear body, which had to be precisely centered using a fixture (tool) created just for that purpose.

With this done, Ron and welder Matt Cook (image above) placed the two tabs on the metal tube frame that hold the ‘C’ beam reinforcing in place. These ‘C’ beams wrap around the duct where the propeller will be spinning to give more stiffness in this region. These two C beams are mounted to the frame top and bottom, so that the duct and frame move together in response to bumps in the air or on the ground. In the image below, one of the C beams is being bonded into place using Hysol aircraft adhesive.

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