Update – April 2, 2019

April 2, 2019

BUSY HANGER – April 2, 2019

Our parking lot is getting full! With so many of the parts now arriving ready to be assembled, we had lots of opportunity to put people to work. So far, our record is eleven people in the hanger at one time. Most are doing assembly work, but almost half of our staff work the administrative lines to keep the parts and materials flowing, records being kept, and engineering staying ahead of the work in the shop. You can see in the image above how the hanger looks most days.

You can also see the fiberglass nose cone that was installed and is being prepped for paint. We made the fiberglass nose cone to house the second radio antenna for testing. We will have two antennas, one is the rear antenna in the tail, and the second is the front antenna in the nose. During testing, we will be finding out which antenna gets the best coverage for the Switchblade. Normally you can’t have two antennas connected to the same radio, as it can distort the reception and transmission. Since we don’t know where the best reception will be (carbon fiber blocks radio signals), this is one of those things best found out ‘in the air’, and we will test with one antenna, and then the other, to find out which location is best.

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