Update 24 November, 2017

January 27, 2018

BIG NEWS: SAMSON JUST RECEIVED FUNDING SUFFICIENT TO COMPLETE THE BUILDING OF THE PRE-PRODUCTION PROTOTYPE, AND AS A RESULT, THE PRE-FLIGHT 60% OFF PROGRAM WILL BE CLOSING THE END OF THIS MONTH. The Reservation Program is continuing, and an important aspect has been found. We are close to being able to commit to a new, very effective technology for making carbon fiber parts! This molding process and material allows us to produce parts on a speed and scale that brings a drastic reduction to the cost of carbon fiber parts – the single largest cost of the Switchblade.

By signing up as a Reservation Holder, you can help reduce the cost of the vehicle, as well as the speed at which we can supply kits, a big win for everyone. Each Reservation counts, and we are currently around Position #525. Please help us make this known, so we can get the total Position number over 700. At that point we believe we can drop nearly 30% of the cost of the Switchblade, and be able to provide kits up to seven times faster than we had counted on. There is no money down until after we fly, and once we fly, a $2000 deposit is refundable less $500 until we are in production (at which time all deposit monies need to be hard, so we know how many engines we are purchasing). When we make that target, all Reservation Positions less than 701 will be upgraded to a Special Edition 700 Club, with special seat stitching, and Club only clothing options for members. The Game Is On!

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