The benefits of traveling on YOUR schedule

March 7, 2016

Efficient use of a person’s time doing work is of immense importance in any business.  Whether for sales, management, technical support, purchasing – any of a huge number of posts, this issue remains constant across the whole landscape of business.  Volumes of books, article, blogs and many lectures have focused on this subject.

A flying car changes the game considerably, especially in the area of business travel.  Currently, when business travel is called for, it is often planned and executed with little regard to a person’s immediate scheduling concerns.  For instance, a trip is scheduled to meet a new client in another city, and while the meeting is set and flight reservations are made to accommodate that, it is often the fact that you have to end off what you are working on (finished or not) to leave well before that day’s flight time, or even the day before. One has to contend with airline schedules, added travel time getting to the airport (potentially during high traffic times), having to arrive 1-2 hours prior to departure, security lines, waiting for luggage, plus renting a car at the other end.

What this means is that your actual productive work time gets eaten into and in some cases you may end up spending most of a day just traveling.  Of course, you can make some phone calls when not flying and work on your laptop on the flight, but this is usually a far cry from the level of efficiency and ability to readily communicate with people and be reached by them that one generally has when at the office.  Not to mention lack of wi-fi, office support, and a distraction-free work environment.

For me, as an extremely busy executive and company owner, I really can’t afford to waste time or be at the mercy of travel schedules that are inefficient, unpredictable, and generally in conflict with my personal schedule. And with a flying car, I don’t have to.  This game-changing mode of transportation enables me to travel from point A to point B, with as little wasted time as possible.  I get to decide when I leave for my business trips, based on what works best for my schedule – no longer being the effect of the airline schedules and aggravatingly long lines.   If I have something critical to finish, I finish it and then leave for the trip.

As a private pilot, I also understand that weather can cause delays when one is flying one’s own plane.  But with a Switchblade Flying Sports Car, I can never be stopped.  Once in flight, if the weather up ahead looks bad for flying, I simply land at a nearby airport, swing in the wings, retract the tail and drive on under the storm.  Once it clears up enough to where I feel comfortable flying, I take off from the closest airport and continue to my destination.  No matter the conditions, I am not stopped.

“Isn’t all this too much work?”, you might ask.  Sure you have the added responsibility of piloting your plane, but honestly, it is usually quite enjoyable to fly. It’s a whole new world up there, it’s peaceful and the scenery is amazing. For me, and the pilots I know, these more than make up for the added energy exerted.  Plus in my Switchblade, the benefits of traveling when I want and where I want – A to B, driving and flying without any detours, on my schedule – make business travel something to look forward to rather than dread.

– Martin Swift

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