TEST TEAM AT WORK – January 27, 2022

January 27, 2022

The Switchblade engine test team is hard at work wringing out the new Samson 3 engine and propeller setup. In yesterday’s work, we tuned multiple times from idle up to 8,300 rpm. In the image below you can see engineer Tanner Vaughn just left of the open door who alternated from watching the engine itself, to checking temperatures on the cockpit gauges. Bottom left is engineer David Nobles watching the harmonic vibrations, and bottom right is Electrical Tech Phillip Mikula running the tuning process. Inside the cockpit, Sean Bliss is operating the throttle and brake. Beyond the vehicle, Sam Bousfield (right) and Dana Beebe are watching the other side of the engine and keeping an eye on the engine speed on the digital engine screen in the cockpit.

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