August 3, 2016

The carbon parts for the sides of the vehicle were being produced in July. Above you see two images of the left side completed, and below an image of the right side coming out of the oven. These are now trimmed up and awaiting the bulkhead front and rear so they can be assembled. This work is being done at Composite Approach in Bend, Oregon. The body panels have openings for the door panels to fit into, and for the door gasket materials to be attached to. There will be a secondary structure inside the body sides to stiffen and reinforce the door area and roof for roll-over protection.

Meanwhile work went on to complete the dash display for the AirVenture 2016 event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We learned quite a bit as we finished the first dashboard, and found ways to make a better production dashboard as a result. That was the purpose for choosing to embark on the hard push to get the dash ready for AirVenture, and for then taking some of the team back to Wisconsin to show it to the public and our Pre-flight owners. It was great to see 98% of the people who sat in the mock-up light up with big smiles and realize that the dream of efficient and effective flying cars was upon us. Below is an image of the dash showing how the dash came back to us covered in beautiful leather from Casey at Stitch Crafters in Redmond, Oregon, before the instruments were placed by Chief Builder, Ron Burch.

When the dash was finished and shipped across country, the team reassembled parts of it for the show, and we had record numbers coming through the booth to see first hand what a flying car would look like from the inside. I hope you enjoy the images below of the team and their efforts to bring to you the future of transportation.


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