October 12, 2015

The wing jig (metal framework that holds parts together in place) is being assembled and rigged for use. Below is shown the framework nearly completed and ready for the wing pieces to be placed within.

Next we placed the wing skin with main spar (beam) in the lower cradles, and are getting the last of the brackets machined to hold the metal pieces in place at the root (body) end.

We are still applying for a patent, so until that is completed next week, all I can show is a small portion of the wing swing mechanism that has been completed. This is being readied to support the wing and be operated by the wing swing actuator (an actuator is something that makes parts move). There are several parts to the wing swing mechanism, and what is shown below is just the end that supports and connects to the wings using the metal spar brackets shown on the left of the image. One spar bracket is connected and one is not. The end of the wing swing is to the right of the image.

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