March 13, 2015

We bolted the hinges to the main wing so that we could test-fit the ailerons and flaps prior to bonding the ribs to the lower skin and spar. To do this we had to temporarily bond ribs in place to reinforce the hinges, and drill holes for bolting the hinges to the wings. Above, Ron is looking over the wing tip area, where clearance to the aileron balance arm seemed tight.

After a thorough review, it was decided to move the hinge that is common to both the aileron and flap rearward 1/8″ to give more clearance for aileron movement, and to give a better angle to the balance arm for more clearance. The area of the common hinge is shown in the image above, with the flap in the lower left, and the aileron in the lower right. The amazing thing is that all four brackets that attach to each end of the flap and aileron fit perfectly, with bolt holes lining up precisely. Ron drilled and established those bolt holes and bonded-in nuts without the use of jigs or tooling of any kind, just from drawings and dimensions. Both the engineering team, and the build team, deserve major kudos for the level of accuracy that was attained.

The major portion of this work will be completed as Samson’s part of the kit process, and the work we are doing now is validating the correct hole placement, rib angles, and other features that, once established, will make the later assemblies much easier to accomplish. While it may come slightly less finished than you see above, the portions to be finished by the builder will be the easier portions of work to be done.

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