January 11, 2017

Several days after the body was taken out of the cocoon (jig that held the components in place while all were bonded together), we had another look at the body. Composite Approach builders had done all of the trimming, sanding, and prepping to make the body ready for the next steps of the build process, and the body was looking really great. Above John from Composite Approach is going over the body build process with Sam.

Below is a shot of the front three-quarter view, and shows the trimmed up hatch area. There is a lip that runs around the hatch opening that catches water, and directs it to two drains so water that gets trapped in the hatch lip area can be gotten rid of. Most car hoods have a way to drain that area (mostly to the front where the grill is), and we are no different. A rubber gasket and seal will be placed over the hatch opening inner lip so that the hatch, once closed, keeps the water out of the front storage area. This area is for very light-weight storage only, and is mostly being made available for maintenance access.

The nose, now going into parts production, will mate to the front of the cabin body shown above.  The nose, and the rear bumper area and bottom of vehicle, are designed to be replaceable in case of accident, just like in most cars. In many cases, damaged carbon can be repaired without removal, but in severe cases it may need to be totally replaced.

Below you can take a guess as to whether I am happy with what I see.  That is how our whole team feels!

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