February 14, 2023

We thought you’d like to see the Samson Switchblade with even more air under the tires, during the longest hop we took in recent testing! We are not calling this First Flight, as we want that to be a longer flight lasting several minutes. But this was a huge milestone in that we went a distance of over 400 yards. While this photo does not show the Switchblade out of ground effect, it did reach well above that during this ‘long hop’. (Ground effect is being within a wingspan of the ground, in which aircraft will see extra lift.)
Currently, we’re making some modifications to the wing root (where the wings meet the body), taking that back to the original airfoil shape we tested in the wind tunnel. This will give us additional lift and may also increase the attached airflow at the wing root. After completing this and a few other improvements we’ve already told you about, we’ll be going back to the out-of-town airport with the longer runway.

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