April 28, 2013

This week so far we have assembled the rear wheel carriers, brakes and hub. The custom steering box is being fabricated to provide a strong steering mechanism for the single front wheel. Typical two wheel steering systems were inadequate for what we required, so we fabricated our own. When we get into full production, the steering box will be a sub-component we will have made for us in bulk. Our first unit will be machined and produced with the idea in mind of proving function and strength, but not for future production. When we order 100 of them at a time, we can get them made the way we would want it into the future.

The images above are of two sides of the rear hub/brake assembly. The wheel gets bolted to one side, and the other is hung from our rear suspension arm. We are using what is called multi-link suspension, similar to many sports cars and race cars. There is a suspension arm that is connected to the hub shown, and then two control arms that attach to the hubs and position the wheel correctly as it moves up and down through bumps and turns. The main idea is to build a setup that keeps the wheels flat on the ground at all times for maximum traction. Next up should be the steering box, and then the front suspension arms.

Blue skies

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