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February 6, 2024

Flying sports cars in the US will soon turn your sci-fi dreams into reality

Regulatory approvals for this innovation are already in the works to be licensed in all 50 states in the US

Daydreaming about flying sports cars that seem far from reality? Don’t burst that bubble yet. This cutting-edge technology is on the horizon in the US sooner than you’ve dreamed of. 

Flying above traffic jams in New York were also coming soon with their flying taxis but zipping in the skies with a flying sports cars — now that’s the goal. No longer a scene in a sci-fi flick, Samson Sky is gearing up to make this happen.

For starters, this innovation should undergo legal procedures to get it licensed all across the US. Legislative bodies are already on the move for its registration in all 50 states with two US companies and two European entities — Samson Sky, Alex in the US and Klein, Pal-V from Europe are leading the way and revving up for production by 2025. 

New Hampshire had taken the legislation lead when they passed the “Jetson Bill,” set to be a precedent for the registration of a flying aircraft. As expected, it should still adhere to road rules just like any other normal vehicle.

With “Jetson Bill” paving the way, Samson Sky and other companies are drafting bills in other states — with the goal to introduce a similar legislation this 2024.

“It’s been very rewarding to work with lawmakers eager to usher in this new era of transportation,” stated Samson Sky’s legislative analyst Russell Bousfield.

Futuristic features and environmental pros

A historic lift-off that sealed a milestone: the first flight of flying sports car Switchblade in November 2023. The team behind its first soar, Samson Sky witnessed its ascent to 500 feet — flying mightily above the foothills and airports for a solid six minutes. 

Soon to be your hero in the hassle of traffic, Switchblade not only boasts of its flying prowess but also its ability in land modes. When on land, its wings and tail are kept protected. Thanks to its advanced components and a customizable digital dashboard, it’s a dream come true even for the non-tech-savvy.

Aside from its sleek and pretty facade, this flying sports car is also an eco-warrior. With its hybrid electric drive system, it uses unleaded auto gas with the users’ ability to refill in any gas station.

In addition, you can drive it out of your garage to your destination and transform it from car to aircraft. Arriving, you can land by just simply switching it back to car mode. And with room for two and some storage, it can go up to 500 miles.

With these flying sports cars, the future of transportation is unfolding before our eyes set to redefine mobility and open up new possibilities for travel and adventure.

Mary Villegas, Author

Switchblade, Samson Sky, Skybrid, and Skybrid Technology are trademarks or registered marks, and are used with permission on these pages.

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