No hassles with airport rental cars

April 25, 2016

Business travel by air often involves renting a car at the destination airport.  After traveling for hours, getting the TSA ‘special treatment’, and dealing with delays, by the time I arrive at my destination airport I usually have little tolerance for more lines, shuttle buses or hassles. I don’t think I am unusual in this viewpoint.

Now just imagine landing in your flying car at your destination airport – which by the way might very well be a smaller airport within a few minutes of your business appointment.  When you fly your own plane, you have many regional airports or landing strips available to you that are much less crowded than the huge international airports where all the commercial aircraft fly. This fact alone can reduce the time you have to deal with traffic in the air and on the ground.

So you land at your chosen airport and taxi off the runway. You stop and swing your Switchblade’s wings in and retract the tail – which takes about 45 seconds.  Then you drive off the airport directly to your business destination or hotel or wherever you want to go.  No rental car lines, no shuttle bus to your off site rental car, no concerns over getting the actual vehicle you reserved, and no rental car expenses – at all!  Your business trip just got a lot simpler and hopefully more enjoyable.

At the end of your trip, you simply reverse the above – drive to your departure airport, prepare your Switchblade for flight, taxi, take off and fly home. This is truly “no hassles” with airport rental cars. Because how can you have hassles with something you don’t even need any more? Well, Avis can still say “We try harder” and Enterprise can continue to offer their service to pick you up, but Switchblade owners may not be paying too much attention.

–  Virginia Hall

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