Never being stopped in your business travel

May 2, 2016

Being stopped – with the consequent fallout – can certainly put a damper on business travel. We have all experienced this. It can come in many forms: your flight is delayed, you miss your connection, you’re stuck in traffic, a meeting is cancelled, weather is horrible, etc. What if you could insure that you would never be stopped?  This would certainly qualify as a game changer!

Let’s look at how using a flying car for business travel could BE this game changer.  You plan out your trip, check weather reports and decide if you are going to fly the whole way or drive some portion of it.  For example, let’s say you have a 3 hour flight or a 9 hour drive to your business appointment. While flying it would clearly be the most efficient plan, the weather may be stormy in one part of your route. In a typical plane, this can easily mean that you don’t fly that day. In a flying car, however, you have choices.

If the weather is good at your departure point, you simply take off and fly along your route until you approach the bad weather.  Then you land at a local airport, swing the wings in and retract the tail on your Switchblade, and continue your trip via the roadways.  Once the weather is clear enough to be safe to fly again, you find your closest airport and take to the skies once again. No only were you never stopped, you actually were able to travel on the day you chose instead of having to re-schedule for the following day or drive the entire 9 hours.

For busy people, who consider efficiency one of the keys to their success, having the option to drive or fly is a huge benefit.  Basically, it puts you in charge of your travel, not the reverse where all the potential stops and barriers of travel are running you. You can concentrate on the important aspects of your business meeting or trip, without the distraction of travel problems. How would that change your game?

–  Frank Jones

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