Registering Your Flying Car In New Hampshire Is Easy Thanks To The ‘Jetson Bill’

“Crucially, from the point of view of companies looking to build and sell flying cars, the bill provides for the road registration of such vehicles along with the establishment of rules for inspections and accidents.

In essence, the legislation makes it more practical to drive your flying car to and from an airport.

Samson Sky, PAL-V and Massachusetts-based (Chinese owned) Terrafugia all provided legislators with input on the technical capabilities and safety aspects of their offerings as cars. While there are differences between safety requirements for airplanes and autos, there is some crossover, Sam Bousfield, notes.

‘I think it’s going to be the best way to introduce this type of vehicle,’ Bousfield affirms. ‘If there’s a problem that crops up, governments have the opportunity to revisit it and make sure there’s enough safety for people and yet there’s enough flexibility so that something new like this could actually happen.’”

Eric Tegler, Contributor

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