Combining business with pleasure

February 22, 2016

One of the potential perks of a business trip is that occasionally one finds oneself near points of interest.  This might be a museum, a natural wonder, a special hike or fishing spot, or even relatives near by.  When business is complete, schedule allowing, one can take advantage of this before returning home.

With a flying car, the opportunities are expanded immensely.  A 3 hour drive to and from some desirable destination could become a 30 minute flight with a flying car, making that impossible side trip now within reach. For example, I had a meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it went extremely well.  We finished the deal by mid-morning and I had time to kill as I had all day set aside for the meeting.  I looked longingly east towards the Grand Canyon but the 4 ½ hour drive was more than I could do.  A one hour flight, though, could have been spectacular.  Ever seen the Grand Canyon from the air?

The second big advantage to using a flying car is that this type of travel works completely on your schedule. You don’t have to plan and schedule such a side trip weeks or months in advance.  If you have the time to go, you just go.  You wouldn’t have to charter a flight or rent a car. You can adjust things to your schedule to combine business with pleasure.

Some people like to bring their spouse along on a business trip.  Taking your spouse to a special place may go a long way to alleviate the downside of having to travel for business. And if you’re starting to get excited thinking about cool places to go in a flying car, check out this blog:

Business trips can of course be pleasurable in and of themselves (as one is being productive, experiencing new things, etc.) but why not expand on that or bring something extra special to those otherwise not so exciting trips? How might you accomplish this and where would you want to go if you used a flying car for business?

-Martin Swift

Photo by: Talia Davies

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