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Step Aboard the First Flying Car Available in the U.S. Market

The former architect and founder of Samson Sky talks the design of the Switchblade flying car

“The company’s founder and CEO, Sam Bousfield, was an architect before embarking on this latest venture… ‘One thing that has always stuck with me is that an architect is part engineer and part artist,’ Bousfield tells AD. ‘It turns out that is a nice combination with which to approach something as out of the box as a flying car.’

This background in building design encouraged him to believe a flying car could be both structurally sound and beautiful. ‘Our biggest problem so far has been the common misconception that a flying car has to be a mediocre car or a mediocre plane, or both. Because I was an architect, and not trained to think that this couldn’t be done, I didn’t see it that way.’”

Katherine McLaughlin
Associate Digital Features Editor
Architectural Digest

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