What will people say when you drive up in your flying car?

April 18, 2016

In business, most people are concerned with making a positive impression on others. We think about how we’re dressed, what we’re driving (and is it clean), are we prepared for the meeting, etc. However, in my book, these things, while important, are not nearly as important as using excellent communication, being professional, and having good manners.

That being said, let’s consider we have all the above points in place and being applied. What will your clients or prospects say when you drive up in your flying car?  It doesn’t take much imagination to know that the responses will be positive. “Wow!” “I didn’t know you were a pilot!” “How fast does it go?” “Just like the Jetsons only way cooler!”

Minimally, people are going to want a demo of how your Switchblade goes from driving to flying – right then and there.  Some will predictably ask for a test drive (or even flight) as well. My advice is that you leave yourself some extra time at your business meetings and events.  Just consider it the “price” you have to pay for showing up in your flying sports car.

– Martha Bousfield

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