Versatility and speed of change can save the day!

February 9, 2016

One of the things that a business has to consider is it’s ability to change directions.  This relates just as much in sales and service as it does in product development and manufacturing.  These days, being slow to respond and “lumbering” is certainly not a winning approach/ advantage.

Being able to respond quickly to changing situations may be the difference between making the sale and losing out. For instance, say your sales team was shipped out on a commercial flight to the next largest city near you, to wrap up a deal with a manufacturer there.  While the team is there your head office finds out that due to  equipment breakdowns, another manufacturer in that region is ready to purchase. The only problem is, there’s no commercial air service from where they are to where you want them to be.  Renting a car and driving will take too long.

If your team was traveling in a flying car, they could easily fly (and drive) themselves to the second manufacturer and close that deal also.  It’s just a matter of being able to react to changing conditions and take advantage of them, rather than being fixed and unresponsive.

The same applies to marketing.  Although marketing is typically (and should be) a well planned out and executed series of steps according to an overall strategic plan, there are sometimes golden moments of opportunity.  These are often unplanned, unpredicted and maybe once in a lifetime opportunities.  A company can take advantage, and gain by these golden moments or respond slowly and waste the opportunity.

As to service, say you have a large client who requires an urgent service call and repair.  Using a flying car, it becomes much easier to get an unscheduled technician visit and the necessary parts to respond to that request, as the use of the flying car shrinks the travel time drastically.  You gain “hero” status from a large client, which helps insure their future business.

The ways to use a flying car for business – improving the ability to respond to changing conditions – are probably too numerous to count.  The key question is, will you be the first to improve your business conditions through use of a flying car?

– Sam Bousfield

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